8 Reasons Locals Love Living in Lewes, Delaware

Michael Kennedy

If you love spending time in the sun with easy access to the beach, then Lewes, DE, real estate, is the place to be. Living here gives you access to a wide range of outdoor activities and perfect weather, to mention a few. 
Moving to Lewes is the ideal way to live a coastal life whenever your heart desires, with incredible outdoor spots and picturesque luxury houses. Meanwhile, here are some of the top reasons why locals love living in Lewes, Delaware. 

Convenient location

As a beach community with a small population, you can make your way through the beach to head into town and go shopping or sightseeing with ease. 
For those planning to travel on Route 1, public transportation is the best means to access other beaches, stores, movies, and grocery stores. You can use Seaport Transportation, Jolley Trolley of Rehoboth, ASA Transportation, and Cape May-Lewes Ferry Trolley to get around on public transport. 
If you're used to traveling out of town once in a while, there are many routes to choose from, as Lewes is two hours from the Philadelphia International Airport. You can also travel by train and even by boat if you're traveling to Cape May. 
Lewes is conveniently located between major metropolitan areas like New York, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. These major metropolitans are within a 200-mile radius, making Lewes the perfect place to live away from the hustle and bustle of these cities but with the option of regular big-city getaways over the holidays or weekends. Lewes is well connected to these metropolitans by several major highways such as Route 1, Business 9, DE 9, DE 896, I-95, and MD 528.


Lewes, DE, offers the perfect weather for an all-time beach enthusiast. It gets a bit more sun than the average sunny days in the United States, higher than the average July highs, and less snow. With various beaches to choose from, Lewes is a fantastic place to enjoy coastal life. 
And there's much more. Locals can enjoy an evening beach stroll with an exceptional sunset view over the horizon from Cape Henlopen. With over 4,013 acres of preserved land, there's an attraction for your entire family. Don’t miss the Point Overlook, which provides a stunning viewpoint for birdwatching, 24-hour fishing, and other fun activities. 

Rich history

Lewes dates back to 1631 when the Dutch set it up as their whaling village. It also prides itself as the first town after Delaware ratified the Constitution. 
Living in this dainty town gives you first-hand access to several museums, with the Zwaanendael Museum standing as the most lucrative place to visit and a place to learn about the area's past. There are also significant structures to see, such as the Ryves Holt House, believed to be the oldest structure in Delaware. The Fort Miles Historic area is also nearby, showcasing historic architecture, including decommissioned military equipment, bunkers, and towers.

No shortage of exciting weekend trips

This quaint town offers more than you could imagine, whether it is having fun at Funland, hiking at the Breakwater Trail, or taking a tour of the Lightship Overfalls. A great idea for your itinerary is the nautical experience at the Pirate of Lewes, where you can see a re-created pirate ship with passengers involved in water fights, sing-alongs, and treasure hunts. Staff members are dressed up in pirate-themed outfits, which you can also wear as a passenger. It's never a dull day in Lewes. 

Fantastic dining options 

Residents who love expanding their palates will find their place in Lewes. Whether you want to get a casual brunch, take your loved one out for dinner, or find a place to take your kids over the weekend, there are many exciting restaurants to choose from in Lewes. 
If you're a sports enthusiast and a pizza lover at the same time, there's no better place to visit than Grotto Pizza. Located at 17467 Shady Road, Lewes, DE 19958, you'll find the most exciting sport-centric restaurant with plenty of TVs showing the latest sports events. 
If you're into seafood, the Lewes Fishhouse is a popular place to find an extensive take-out menu and buy fresh fish for your family. There are plenty of options, including half-bushels, bushels, crabs, and even ingredients for your side dishes. Apart from these two restaurants, other notable options include:
  • Nectar Cafe & Juice Bar
  • The Wheelhouse
  • Harvest Tide Steakhouse
  • Hopkins Farm Creamery
  • Go Brit
With all these places to visit, it's no secret why Lewes locals never dream of leaving this exciting place.

There are plenty of outdoor adventures 

If you dream of having an exciting time outdoors or love watching nature pass you by, Lewes has all you need to make this a reality. This small beach town offers the charm of true beach life with plenty of trails, beaches, and greenways to explore. You'll find miles of hiking paths, lush vegetation, and wildlife to grace your appeal here. Besides that, its 16 parks offer water sports, fishing, hunting, and charter fishing fleets. 
One of the places locals never tire of visiting is Cape Henlopen State Park. Right where Delaware Bay meets the Atlantic Ocean stands this 7,000-acre park with unique features. Here, you can swim in the ocean waves, fish at the Bayside fishing pier, bike through the dunes, stroll at the beach, and much more. On top of that, its campground is only a few minutes from the historical sites, stuffed with amenities such as camp stores, walk-in tent sites, playgrounds, and laundry facilities. 

If you thought that Cape Henlopen State Park was the only exciting place to go, think again! Locals are in for exciting treats at Canal Front Park, George H.P Smith Park, and the Junction and Breakwater Trail, to mention a few. 
Residents can also enjoy a game of golf or engage in a friendly competition on the tennis court. If you love camping, you can make a plan to join a camping group in one of the parks or go solo. Locals also can join daily programs, such as historical demonstrations and hiking tours. 
For seasonal activities, locals can engage in summer concert series and hayrides. There's no excuse not to get out and enjoy the great outdoors of Lewes.  

Tax advantages 

Thanks to Delaware's tax advantage, owners of Lewes real estate find life easier. Here, they enjoy one of the nation's lowest property taxes, an exclusion for seniors on their 401(K), and income and tax credits for homeowners above 65, to mention a few.  You will also not find sales tax on purchases made in Lewes. These add up to more money in your account, making life more affordable and financially advantageous. 

Luxury properties

Finally, amid all the features that bring an enriching lifestyle, there are many luxurious properties for the locals. Places like Palmetto Bluff offer the most auspicious living for anyone seeking the most luxurious life in Lewes. Besides that, many luxurious properties across this exciting beach town make everyday life feel like a vacation. 
Several factors make living in Lewes as comfortable as possible. With all the beaches to choose from, a wide range of activities to engage in, and lots of restaurants to visit, there's every reason why locals never tire of living in this place. 

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