A Colorful January: Celebrating Client Appreciation with Paint Nights!

Michael Kennedy

January was anything but dull for our valued clients as we hosted three delightful paint nights filled with creativity, laughter, and a splash of color. Each evening brought a unique artistic experience, and we want to express our gratitude to everyone who joined us for these memorable events. The first paint night saw our clients channeling their inner artists to paint adorable bunnies. The second night brought a touch of whimsy as clients painted vibrant carrots. The room buzzed with enthusiasm as every stroke added personality to each carrot creation. It was a night of shared laughter and artistic expression, creating lasting memories for everyone involved. Our final paint day of the month presented a choice between two equally adorable subjects: eggs or chicks. The variety of interpretations brought forth by our clients showcased the diversity of artistic talent.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to my wonderful wife, Corey, and our children, Amelia and Cameron, for their invaluable support in organizing and facilitating these events. Their dedication and enthusiasm helped make these paint nights truly special. Plus everyone would prefer to hang out with my family versus me! We also extend our appreciation to my talented mother-in-law, Marcia Esposito, affectionately known as the DE Art Lady, who provided expert guidance and inspiration throughout the painting process. Marcia's expertise added an extra layer of creativity to each session, and we are grateful for her artistic leadership.

For those who missed out on the festivities, fear not! We're already planning future events that promise even more artistic excitement. If you didn't receive notifications for these paint nights, please send us your current email address so we can ensure you're included in our future invitations!

To connect with Marcia Esposito for your own artistic endeavors, you can reach her at [email protected]. Her passion for art and commitment to guiding others in their creative journeys make her an invaluable resource for anyone looking to explore their artistic side.

Thank you again to everyone who made these paint nights a success. Here's to more creative adventures and memorable moments in the months to come!


For 2021 Michael and his team surpassed $52 Million in sales volume making them one of the top 10 teams in all of Southern Delaware.

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