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Perfect for those looking to relax on the beach without crowds.

Welcome to Bethany Beach/Ocean View/Millville

Local coastal living meets quiet, family-friendly beach resorts

Bethany Beach, Ocean View, and Millville are coastal towns located in southeastern Delaware close to the Maryland-Delaware border. With the beach being a large part of the tourist economy, large resorts dot the area. It is an especially attractive area for families visiting who wish for a quieter beach experience, rather than a highly commercialized one. Summertime is the best time to visit the area, especially for watersports and swimming enhanced by the calm and warm water. 

While the beach is a defining feature of the area, these coastal towns are dotted by bays and inlets with excellent boating, fishing, and wildlife-watching opportunities. Due to the sparsely populated nature of the coastlands, the area is perfect for those looking to relax on the beach without crowds. The large town amenities and large commercial areas for business, dining, and shopping are nearby.

What to Love

  • World-class beaches with a family appeal
  • Strong local tourist economy while maintaining a small-town feel
  • Large-town shopping amenities and highly-rated dining

Local Lifestyle

As in any coastal town, people love to enjoy time on the beach. Whether it is relaxing with family, reading a book, or even taking one’s laptop for some mid-afternoon meetings, the beach provides an excellent opportunity for some solitary peace or sociable fun with friends and family. Further inland towards Millville, the commercial area begins, dotted with local businesses and large town big-box stores. The residential area is more prevalent in this area with homes for growing families and retirees. 

The location of the region is perfect for day trips as well. Taking a ferry to New Jersey is common. In a couple of hours, you can be in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Philadelphia, Baltimore, or Washington DC. The area has plenty of opportunities to be active in the community as well, by playing tennis or golf at one of the many clubs in the area. 

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

Due to the beach and local tourist economy, the Bethany Beach area is known for its eclectic dining scene, highlighted by excellent seafood restaurants using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. 99 Sea Level is one of the best seafood restaurants in the area and prides itself on a beachfront experience. Northeast Seafood, and Cedar Land + Sea Kitchen are other local favorites that specialize in seafood. It’s not all seafood though. Visit DiFebo’s Restaurant for an Italian dinner and Bethany Blues BBQ has the best barbecue in the area. 

The entertainment options in the area are bustling in the summer. The beach is known for having several summertime concerts that attract locals from all over Delaware. Golfing is a popular pastime with the Millville Boardwalk being a highlight of the mini-golf scene. It is perfect for some competitive date night fun, along with locally served ice cream. Bear Trap Dunes is a local golf community for the more serious golfer. It’s no wonder the area is known for being an amazing golf destination.

Shopping on the beach is fun with small, sleepy boutiques featuring beachside crafts, swimwear, and branded clothing. There is a mix of national, brand-name stores, and local businesses. Bethany Beach has the best shopping due to the large resorts in the area and the tourists that frequent the area in the summer. 

Things to Do

As local nature is a great part of the coastal Delaware area, the James Farm Ecological Preserve is an excellent family-friendly attraction for those wanting to learn more about the wildlife and lowlands of the region. Likewise, the Bethany Beach Nature Center provides families with learning opportunities and education for taking care of the surrounding flora and fauna.

While the summer may be the busiest time in coastal Delaware, wintertime is highlighted by the Bethany Beach Fire and Ice Festival. It attracts ice carvers from all around the northeast wanting to showcase their skills and display their different ice sculptures. While on the concept of art sculptures, visit Gallery One, a fine arts gallery highlighting the local artists and sculptors of Delaware.

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