Fenwick Island & Selbyville

Offer a different beach experience with wildlife spotting and watersport opportunities.

Welcome to Fenwick Island/Selbyville

Beachside resort living meets family-friendly state parks

Fenwick Island and Selbyville are coastal towns highlighted by beachside-living, located in southeastern Delaware close to the Maryland-Delaware border. With a large number of tourists from the northeast looking for peace from the hustle and bustle, large resorts dot the area. They bring people from all walks of life, from families to younger couples, looking to have a quieter beach experience. The Fenwick Island and Selbyville area differentiates itself from the other large, commercial beaches by having a quieter and more laid back approach to the beach-going experience, with lesser crowds than others. The clean, white sand beaches are the main attraction and both residents and visitors alike will feel a peace of mind knowing they are supporting local businesses while having a distinct experience not found anywhere else other than coastal Delaware.

Though beachgoers may spend hours relaxing by the ocean, other outdoor activities are available in the inland areas. Delaware State Parks offer a different beach experience with wildlife spotting and watersport opportunities. Boating is especially popular in the sheltered inland bays with excellent fishing opportunities as well.

What to Love

  • White-sand beaches and resort living with a family appeal
  • Expansive Delaware state parks for hiking, camping, and watersports
  • Eclectic local museums and restaurants highlighting local cultures and cuisines 

Local Lifestyle

The general population of Fenwick Island and Selbyville seems to fluctuate slightly with the tourist season ramping up in the summer. Therefore, the area is dotted with wonderful vacation getaways as well as larger resorts. While the population of the area is more mature, people of all walks of life love to spend time on the beach. It is not uncommon to see couples relaxing in the sun, parents playing with kids, and business-people taking quick calls. For those looking for a less-beachy experience, hiking and kayaking with friends are amongst many active pastimes that residents embrace in their beach life. 

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

As with other coastal Delaware towns, cuisines for all palates is available for those with adventurous tastes. Seafood restaurants highlight the area, with Catch 54 known for its sophisticated fare and a view of the water. Harpoon Hannas has panoramic views of the inlet. For the best pizza in the Selbyville area, look to Mancini’s Brick Oven Pizzeria & Restaurant. Finally, David Twinings’ Nantucket Restaurant is a fun, family establishment for New England-based dining, perfect for date night.

The entertainment options in the area are highlighted by the outdoor activities in the summer. Viking Golf and Go-Karts is a fun, family-friendly experience providing competitive fun. For those looking for a local watering hole, Just Hooked is a popular seafood restaurant known for their cocktails. For those searching for live music and dancing, visit the Freeman Art Pavilion, and enjoy local artists and musicians in the summer.

Shopping on the beach provides small boutiques featuring swimwear and beachside crafts. Stores selling branded clothing offer the experience that a large town can only offer, but still available in a smaller, beachside town. 

Things to Do

The Fenwick Island and Selbyville area is a hub for local culture shaped and molded by the beach and coast. Fenwick Island State Park is one of the best beach state parks, perfect for relaxing or even bringing a pet.

For the history buffs, visit the DiscoverSea Shipwreck Museum, a seasonal exhibit featuring artifacts from numerous shipwrecks found on the Delaware coast. Similarly, the Fenwick Island Lighthouse is a family-friendly attraction that will teach the entire family about maritime history and navigation before modern times.

Driving Lighthouse Road is an excellent way to see all the sights of the area. Lighthouse Road is the main thoroughfare for Fenwick Island and offers panoramic views of the surrounding swamplands and inlet. You will also find boat ramps for those looking to get into the water for some aquatic fun.


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